Salt Dog, LLC specializes in custom guns that are made right here in Mississippi. We focus on custom rifles (SDLRs and SDLR-ms), along with AR platforms. Along with our custom firearms, we also sell commercially made firearms from Browning to Glock to Remington and more.

Sometimes, though, you’re perfectly happy with the gun you have and just want to make sure it gets a little TLC. Salt Dog, LLC does gun repair and upgrades for a wide range of firearms. Although we are not a full-time gunsmith, we are constantly working to expand our gun-care options for our customer base. Any gun you send to us will be cleaned, serviced, oiled, and sent back to you in excellent condition.

Guns sent to us for care and repair should be shipped directly to the shop. We strongly encourage our customers to insure their shipments, just in case something happens in transit. When we are finished taking care of your gun, we’ll ship it with insurance to your local FFL so they can handle the appropriate paperwork.