At Salt Dog LLC, you’ll find a wide range of products to meet your needs and help you achieve mission success.

We offer custom firearms for our customers who want a personalized item, or for whom a commercially-available firearm doesn’t quite fit the bill.

Our shop also sells custom match-grade ammunition. When you’re in the middle of a competitive match, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether your ammo is up for the task. Our ammo is for target use or hunting, and can be made to either standard SAMMI specifications or 100% custom-tailored to your specific firearm.

We stock and/or order all of the popular commercial brands of production guns. Here is a list of the brands we currently stock: Remington, Winchester, Browning, Weatherby, Howa, Barrett, CheyTac, Ruger, Glock, Springfield Armory, Fulton Armory, Butler Creek, Surgeon, Pierce Engineering, Shilen, Krieger, Taurus, Smith & Wesson, Para-Ordnance, CZ, Diamondback, EOTech, AimPoint, Trijicon, Nikon, Leupold, Rapid Reticle, Walther, Thompson, Surefire, Henry, Mossberg, Marlin, Rock Island & Savage.